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Magazine a new delivery option by

We’re excited to introduce a convenient new way to stay informed: the “Magazine” delivery option, delivering all your updates in just one email per week.

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Summarize your article with AI

A main aim of is to enhance your productivity, and today we’re stepping it up by allowing you to consume content much faster.

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Introducing Date feeds -

As of today, you’ll see a new type of feed in the directory: Date feeds. They alert you of specific, scheduled “events” or “happenings”.

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Follow Websites that Don’t Have an RSS Feed

Most feeds in the directory are RSS-powered, which means they rely on a website’s RSS feed to check for new stories.

While most websites come out of the box with an RSS feed, some don’t have one. Up to now, it wasn’t possible to follow those via This now changes.

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More features added to

When you follow a feed (for example in the directory), you can select “news page” as one of many delivery channels. This allows you to read stories directly in your account.

We improved the reading experience on the news page in several respects, and those went live today.

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Two factor authentication by

It’s just a small enhancement, but an important one: to bolster security further we now allow users to enable a double authentication process for accessing their accounts.

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Chrome Extension is Live

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Chrome extension, allowing you to quickly & easily follow websites while browsing the web!

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Append Content to messages

We just launched a small but useful feature for publishers: you can now add additional content below your regular messages from your feed.

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Manual Message Entry & Management

Up until today, the process for sending messages was always fully automatic: screens a website (to be more precise: its corresponding RSS feed) to check for new stories and, once found, sends an alert to all followers.

We’re happy to announce that from today, you (as publisher) can also enter messages directly on, […]

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When you follow feeds on (e.g. those you found in the directory), you can select via which channel(s) to receive messages, e.g. Email, RSS, Telegram etc.

From today, you have another option: Sending messages straight to your Twitter page.

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