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New Delivery Option: “Magazine”

We’re excited to introduce a convenient new way to stay informed: the “Magazine” delivery option, delivering all your updates in just one email per week.

When you follow a feed, such as from the directory, you have various delivery options. These include email, Telegram, RSS, and other channels. For email, there have been two options until now: “Single emails”, which sends the messages as separate emails (as soon as they are available) and “Newspaper”, which combines all stories of the last 24 hours in one email (i.e., a daily digest).

From today, you’ll see the “Magazine” option when you follow a feed:

When is it useful?

The Magazine option is ideal for feeds that send non-urgent messages, as some stories you’ll see in the email can be up to a week old (!). For instance, if you’re struggling to keep up with industry news, the Magazine option lets you catch up once a week without daily distractions.

Of course, you have the flexibility to select the day and time when the Magazine will be sent to you:

Consider choosing a quieter day, like Sunday, to comfortably catch up on your weekly news digest.


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