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Follow Websites that Don’t Have an RSS Feed

Follow Websites that Don’t Have an RSS Feed

Most feeds in the directory are RSS-powered, which means they rely on a website’s RSS feed to check for new stories.

While most websites come out of the box with an RSS feed, some don’t have one. Up to now, it wasn’t possible to follow those via This now changes.

New Website to RSS module

Under the special feeds section, you’ll see a new “Website to RSS” feed:

Click on “Configure” opens a lightbox where you can enter any website URL you desire.

Our scrapers will then look for patterns in order to “understand” that website’s structure, and identify text elements which constitute a “story”. Once found, a regular feed is set up which you can follow via email, Telegram, RSS and all the other delivery channels has to offer.

Please help us to improve it further

The new module yielded good results in our tests. However, as some websites have very unusual, “freestyle” structures, it can be tricky to automatically identify the right sections. In those instances, content may get taken that differs from the content you’d like to be used. If you come across such a case, please let us know about it, so that we can further improve this feature.

Please note that when you use above feature, doesn’t screen the website anymore for an RSS feed. Therefore, make sure you’ve checked before that it doesn’t have one. You can do this by either entering the website URL here, and letting our scrapers look for an RSS feed, or by looking for it yourself on the target site. For the latter, the guide “How to find an RSS feed” may be helpful.

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