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Append Content to messages

We just launched a small but useful feature for publishers: you can now add additional content below your regular messages from your feed.

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Manual Message Entry & Management

Up until today, the process for sending messages was always fully automatic: screens a website (to be more precise: its corresponding RSS feed) to check for new stories and, once found, sends an alert to all followers.

We’re happy to announce that from today, you (as publisher) can also enter messages directly on, […]

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When you follow feeds on (e.g. those you found in the directory), you can select via which channel(s) to receive messages, e.g. Email, RSS, Telegram etc.

From today, you have another option: Sending messages straight to your Twitter page.

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Feedburner Stops Email Services - Switch to Now

Google announced that they will terminate Feedburner’s email subscription feature in July 2021 [Update Aug 1st 2022: email subscriptions have now stopped for good]. This leaves many bloggers & website owners wondering: what service to switch to?

Read More is now connected with zapier

We’re excited to announce that our platform now fully integrates with Zapier and its 3.000+ connected apps. This allows you to create multi-step workflows to automate your customer journey operations – and much more.

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We’re happy to announce that as of today, is an official member of the Inisev product family.

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From today, offering a newsletter has never been easier!

Simply place the link or this subscription form code on a website. That’s it!

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Use telegram as a new delivery channel

We’re excited to announce that from today, followers can pick Telegram as a delivery channel to get their updates!

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We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with MyPopUps, a fantastic service to create pop-ups for your website!

Our special deal for you as user: for all pop-ups which have a subscription form on them, you can use MyPopUps entirely for free.

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We’re happy to announce a couple of enhancements we put live on recently.

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