Brain food for publishers and followers. Teams Up With MyPopUps

We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with MyPopUps, a fantastic service to create pop-ups for your website!

Our special deal for you as user: for all pop-ups which have a subscription form on them, you can use MyPopUps entirely for free.

Maximize your conversion

As publisher you want to get as many followers as possible, so that they get alerted when you publish new content, and come back to your website.

To maximize chances for this to happen, we optimized every step in the funnel. However, an important piece of the puzzle was missing – up to now.

Getting maximum followers starts with making sure people see that they can follow you. And no other tool has proven as effective to achieve this as pop-ups. There’s a good reason why you see them on so many sites!

Wide range of options

MyPopUps is the ideal partner for, for various reasons:

  • Automatic integration: When you create a pop-up on MyPopUps, it’s already connected to your feed on – it doesn’t get any easier than that!
  • Beautiful templates: You can pick from an ever-expanding number of stunning templates (or start from a clean slate)
  • Maximum design flexibility: The drag & drop MyPopUps builder is powerful, yet simple – try it out to see what we mean
  • Advanced display rules: Define exactly when the pop-up should show (and not show anymore)
  • Ease of use: Creating & launching pop-ups can be done in a breeze

Enough of theory – try out MyPopups now to form your own opinion about it. It’s free for all pop-ups used for ­čÖé


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