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We’ve Reached 10 Million Followers!

We’re excited to announce that last Sunday, at 11:24 UTC, we’ve crossed the line of serving more than 10,000,000 followers.

Achieving such milestones asks for a moment of reflection. Therefore, we’d like to share what happened recently, and where we’re heading.

Picking up the speed with new feature releases

You may have noticed that we added various features here and there recently – the larger ones being announced on this blog (for example, check out the Twitter output channel or Manual entry of messages features).

We’re planning to keep up the pace. This can be a challenge, as the increased user base also asks for improvements behind the scene which aren’t immediately visible, such as architectural enhancements and investments into the server side. And of course, never neglecting security along the way.

We’ve already improved the scalability of our platform (on the coding side) and added more powerful servers. We also reinforced our developer team, so we feel well prepared for what lies ahead.

Building out our offering for followers

Traditionally, always had a strong focus on publishers – especially as tool to increase recurring traffic by automatically updating followers about new posts, making them come back to the publishers’ websites.

While we have several enhancements for publishers in the pipeline as well (check out our roadmap), we’re planning significant improvements for followers (readers). Our vision is to become THE platform people can rely on to not miss out on news they care about, without information overload.

Therefore, you’ll see improvements coming to the directory in the near future, in terms of number of available feeds, types of feeds, the feed directory’s structure, as well as other tools for readers.

Thank you for all your support so far!


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